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Pine Hawk-moth Sphinx pinastri

Not all hawk-moths are strikingly beautiful. The Pine Hawk-moth for instance is dull and plain. When it is resting during day time on pine trees it is very difficult to spot though. So it is very well camouflaged. The specimen in the picture is wuite dull. Other animals may be marked more intensely. The wingspan can be some 8 centimeters making this a medium sized Hawk-moth, but a very large moth. In the UK, where it can only be found in Southern and Eastern England, the Pine Hawk-moth is single brooded, flying in May and June. On the continent 2 generations occur and the animal can be seen from May to mid October. The moths fly at dusk mainly, hovering before their beloved flowers. It overwinters (sometimes twice) as a pupa. The caterpillars live on Scots Pine. The Pine Hawk-moth is also referred to scientifically as Hyloicus pinastri.