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Grass Bug Stenodema laevigatum

The Grass Bug is an exceptional plant bug by all means. First of all because of the shape. It is standing apart from most other bugs because of the elonged body in the first place. Furthermore the eyes are exceptionally placed backwards in the haed. Reaching 8 to 10 mm it is also is a rather big species. Furthermore despite the name the Grass Bug is a real carnivore never sucking on plants at all. And finally it lives quite a long time and it is the adult that overwinters. The larvae are born in the beginning of summer and the first adults appear in August. They are light yellowish, not unlike older grass. In autumn they slowly turn to brown, in which colour they overwinter. After that, in spring, the colour changes once more to green, making them less conspicious in fresh grass. So the colouring changes according to the seasons and the surrounding colours. You can see that in the bottom two pictures which were taken in April. The Grass Bug is an abundant species throughout the British Isles and Ireland.