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Two-spotted Plant Bug Stenotus binotatus

Measuring some 6 to 7 mm the Two-Spotted Plant Bug is a fairly big Plant Bug. There is a striking difference between the males and the females. The males are yellowish with large dark brown markings. Femalkes are light green with less large yellowish brown markings. Females are slightly bigger than males. In the picture the female is to the left and the male behind her to the right. When aging however the colouring and markings become more colourful and distinct and that is true for both sexes.

The animals appear in summer, which means they are spotted in Britain from June to September. The Two-spotted Plant Bug sucks on flowering grasses mainly. This species has been introduced in Northern America and New Zealand. It has established itself in many parts of the USA, the south of Canada and all over New Zealand. Is considered a mild pest in wheat.

The Two-spotted Plant Bug is also known as the Slender Crop Mirid. In New Zealand better known as the Timothy Plant Bug.