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Brown Smoke Taleporia tubulosa

The identification of this Brown Smoke is tentative. However it is the best candidate. The males fly about in May and June. They are nearly unmarked. The wingspan is some 15 to 20 mm and the rather rough antennae are characteristic for this species. The females resemble small, yellowish grubs. In contrast to the females of the Common Bagworm, which stay inside the bag, the females of the Brown Smoke leave their bag after pupation and crawl about on tree trunks. The caterpillars feed on lychens growing on tree trunks. Their bag is made out of very tiny pieces of material, such as grains of sand, pieces of lychens or little chunks of tree bark. The bag is smoothly finished off with silk. It differs very much in appearance from the bags of the Common Bagworm above. The Brown Smoke is sometimes seen on old walls and fences as well.

The Brown Smokeis also known as the Large Birch Bright.