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Common Stretchspider Tetragnatha extensa

Stretch Spiders usually give the impression being stretched out. This impression is partly due to the very long front legs. Stretch Spiders are also known as Big Jawed Spiders or Long Jawed Orb Weavers. There are not many species in Western Europe, but it is very hard to tell which is which. They do construct orb webs, even though some species are hunters on the ground, that do not make a web. There are two very common Stretch Spiders, both can be found in gardens frequently.

It is virtually impossible to tell Tetragnatha extensa and Tetragnatha montana apart. There is a rule that may apply, even though it doesn't always give you certainty. The closer you are to water the more likely it is you find Tetragnatha extensa. Further away chances are it is Tetragnatha montana you see.

The animal in the pictures has been photohtaphed on plants close to our pond. The underside gives the impression to be made of bronze. Two indicators suggesting this is the Common Stretchspider, but that is not certain!