Line Line
Tipula lateralis

Tipula lateralis looks like a true Crane Fly. It may grow to a length of some two centimeters and is easy to indentify. Over the back of the abdomen runs a light line. This is striking, for almost all other Crane Flies in Britain have a dark line running over the back. A second feature is the black line running over the thorax and beginning just behind the eyes. Also some blackly marked veins in the wings make identification easy. Adult animals are seen from April till August, at least here in Holland. In more northern parts of Europe it is reported to be a spring species, seen from April till June. Maybe it has two generations in Central Europe.

The larvae of Tipula lateralis differ enormously from other Tipula larvae. They live submerged in water. There they feed on rotting plants on the bottom of the pond or stream. They are important compost makers in the water. The female of Tipula lateralis deposits here eggs directly on submerged waterplants. A very common species all over Britain.