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Redwing Turdus iliacus

The Redwing looks like the Song Thrush very much, but has a red spot around the wing. This species breeds in Scandinavia but spends the winters in Western- and Southern Europe. In the Benelux you can see a lot of them during the migration in autumn (especially in october and november). The Redwing is a bird that typically visits my garden either in winter, and then it's probably going to stay sometime, or en route in autumn or spring. The male and the female are identical, just like the Robins. When in the garden the bird looks for its food on the ground or in shrubs; I've never seen it upon my feeding table. It's much more tolerant towards other birds than the Fieldfare and often mixes with Finches, Sparrows and Titmice.

This bird belongs to the family of Thrushes (Turdinae). It has been spotted in our garden infrequently and can be seen in Holland october - march. The bird is 8" and weighs 60 grams. It lives in woodlands mostly. It eats worms, snails, insects and berries. The sexes do not differ from one another. The Redwing is not very particular about the place it builds its nest: on the ground, in a tree, shrub or bush. Usually it breeds on five to six eggs deposited between may and july for 14 days, after which period it takes the bird another 14 days to raise the chicks.

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