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Saw Flies Symphyta

There are about 530 species of sawfly in Holland alone. Most species are very small. Some of the larger species immitate wasps. Their larvae usually look like caterpillars, but some look like little slugs. You can tell them apart by looking at the feet: slugs don't have feet, caterpillars have five pairs of feet at the second part of the body tops, while the larvae of sawflies have at least six pairs. The larvae sometimes become a plague, especially in pines, cherries, pears or roses (rose slugs). Sawflies are related to wasps and not to flies. You can tell so by looking at the number of wings (Sawflies have 4 wings, flies only 2) and also the head is identical. Sawflies however are very primitive wasps and they lack the typical wasp waiste. Many species, even a great number of the bigger ones, are very hard to identify.

photograph Tenthredo mesomelas
Tenthredo mesomela

Tenthredo mesomela is just one of many similar big green and black sawflies. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Tenthredo scrophulariae
Figwort Sawfly Tenthredo scrophulariae

The Figwort Sawfly looks like a real wasp, but is a carnivore once adult. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Tenthredo colon
Tenthredo colon

Tenthredo colon looks a lot like some other species, but it has a black pterostigma. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph larva and adult Tenthredo mandibularis
Tenthredo mandibularis

It is very easy to identify Tenthredo mandibularis by looking at its legs. The larva is also easily identified.More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Tenthredopsis species
Tenthredopsis scutellaris

This is likely to be Tenthredopsis scutellaris. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Tenthredopsis sordida
Tenthredopsis sordida

The many yellow accents and the black edge of the wings with a very striking yellow pterostigma mean this is Tenthredopsis sordida. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Turnip Sawfly
Turnip Sawfly Athalia rosae

The larvae of the Turnip Sawfly are very interested in mustard. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Dolerus species
Dolerus species

The great number of black and very similar Dolerus species makes it impossible to identify them from photographs. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Macrophya punctumalbum
Privet Sawfly Macrophya punctumalbum

This Privet Sawfly is quite a beautiful species. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Zaraea fasciata
Honeysuckle Sawfly Zaraea fasciata

The big Honeysuckle Sawfly is a rare species, few people will ever see. More...

Family: Cimbicid Sawflies (Cimbicidae)

photograph Arge pagana
Large Rose Sawfly Arge pagana

The Large Rose Sawfly is among the most hated creatures in rose gardens. More...

Family: Argid Sawflies (Argidae)

photograph Arge cyanocrocea
Bramble Sawfly Arge cyanocrocea

The Bramble Sawfly is common in gardens too, but far less devastating. More...

Family: Argid Sawflies (Argidae)

photograph Arge gracilicornis
Arge gracilicornis

This black Arge gracilicornis is very fond of raspberries. More...

Family: Argid Sawflies (Argidae)

photograph Arge species
Arge species

Other all-black Arge species are very hard to identify indeed. More...

Family: Argid Sawflies (Argidae)

photograph Pamphilius balteatus
Pamphilius balteatus

Pamphilius balteatus is a rather local species, but living in a vast area.More...

Family: Leaf-rolling Sawflies (Pamphiliidae)

photograph Caliroa cerasi
Pear Slug Caliroa cerasi

The larvae of the Pear Slug imitate small slugs. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Monostegia abdominalis
Monostegia abdominalis

It is very hard to describe the colour of the larva of Monostegia abdominalis. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Tenthredo amoena
Tenthredo amoena

The larva of Tenthredo amoena is quite a beautiful animal.More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Rhadinoceraea micans
Iris Sawfly Rhadinoceraea micans

This Rhadinoceraea micans is most often seen being a larva chewing on Yellow Flags. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph symphyta_sp
Sawfly larva

This big Sawfly larva even ate our daisies. We still have no idea about its identity. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Nematus miliaris
Nematus miliaris

Nematus miliaris larvae assume a 'S' position when feeling threatened. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Rhogogaster genistae
Rhogogaster genistae

Rhogogaster genistae is found on Broom exclusively. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

photograph Allantus sp
Allantus sp

This is an unidentified Allantus species. More...

Family: Tenthredinidae

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