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Remaining small beetles (various families)

This is the largest group of beetles. Not closely related at all, but dealt with on this page, because they are all small to very small beetles, often very difficult to identify. Many of these very small beetles are even out of our camera's range. A few rove beetles are rather big, such as the Devil's Coach-horse, but the majority of these species are very small. There are hundreds of species in Western Europe. In Holland alone some 1,000 species have been found! The Mordellidae family is comprised of very small beetles with a pointed rear end. In summer some species are frequently seen visiting flowers. Members of the Skin Beetle-family are notorious in grain and musea for eating stock and dead insects. And even though everybody has seen the small holes in wood caused by woodworms, the adult beetles are not very often seen.

photograph Devil's Coach Horse
Devil's Coach Horse Staphylinus olens

The exception on this page is this Devil's Coach Horse, for it actually is quite big!. more...

Family: Rove Beetles (Staphilinidae)

photograph Platydracus stercorarius
Platydracus stercorarius

Platydracus stercorarius is a colourful nephew of the Devil's Coach Horse. more...

Family: Rove Beetles (Staphilinidae)

photograph Philonthus species
Philonthus species

Quite a number of Philonthus species frequent gardens. more...

Family: Rove Beetles (Staphilinidae)

photograph Xantholinus species
Xantholinus species

It is very hard to identify a Xantholinus species from just a picture. more...

Family: Rove Beetles (Staphilinidae)

photograph Staphylinidae species
Rove Beetle species Staphylinidae sp

In many cases you can't even tell to which genus a rove beetle belongs. more...

Family: Rove Beetles (Staphilinidae)

photograph  Red-tipped Flower Beetle
Red-tipped Flower Beetle Malachius bipustulatus

The Red-tipped Flower Beetle is a beautiful and unmistakable species. more...

Family: Soft-winged Flower Beetles (Melyridae)

photograph  Dasytes species
Dasytes species

Within Dasytes there are some 5 very similar black species. more...

Family: Soft-winged Flower Beetles (Melyridae)

photograph Staphylinidae species
Variimorda villosa

Variimorda villosa is often seen visiting flowers. more...

Family: Tumbling Flower Beetles (Mordellidae)

photograph Anaspis maculata
Anaspis maculata

Anaspis maculata has three dark patches on the shields. more...

Family: False Flower Beetles (Scraptiidae)

photograph Byturus ochraceus
Raspberry Beetle Byturus ochraceus

The larvae of the Raspberry Beetle are fond of Raspberries and Blackberries. more...

Family: Fruit Worm Beetles (Byturidae)

photograph Skin Beetle larva
Skin Beetle larva Dermestidae sp

The larvae of many Skin Beetles are rather bizarre. more...

Family: Skin Beetles (Dermestidae)

photograph Anthrenus pimpinellae
Anthrenus pimpinellae

Anthrenus pimpinellae is usually found in the nests of House Sparrows. more...

Family: Skin Beetles (Dermestidae)

photograph Varied Carpet Beetle
Varied Carpet Beetle Anthrenus verbasci

The larvae of the Varied Carpet Beetle or Museum Beetle can be a pest, not only in musea, but in houses as well. more...

Family: Skin Beetles (Dermestidae)

photograph Megatoma undata
Megatoma undata

The larvae of this Megatoma undata live in the nests of bats among other places. more...

Family: Skin Beetles (Dermestidae)

photograph Fan-bearing Wood-borer
Fan-bearing Wood-borer Hedobia imperialis

The larvae of this Fan-bearing Wood-borer luckily do not like furniture. more...

Family: Woodworms (Anobiidae)

photograph Bread beetle
Bread beetle Stegobium paniceum

The Bread beetle often is a nuisance indoors. more...

Family: Woodworms (Anobiidae)

photograph Hadrobregmus denticollis
Hadrobregmus denticollis

This rather rare Hadrobregmus denticollis is not a British species. more...

Family: Woodworms (Anobiidae)

photograph Metallic Wood-boring Beetle
Metallic Wood-boring Beetle Agrilus cyanescens

This Metallic Wood-boring Beetle loves honeysuckle. more...

Family: Jewel Beetles (Buprestidae)

photograph Ptinus rufipes
Ptinus rufipes

This Ptinus rufipes surely made a fool out of me. more...

Family: Spider Beetles (Ptinidae)

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