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Weevils (Curcurlionidae)

Weevils are small beetles mainly. Most have a very characteristic snout, even though the snout is not very prominent in some species.In Central Europe at least 700 species are in existence. Some are harmful to trees and harvests, especially the borers of which the larvae live in haselnuts and such. Weevils usually have very short antennae.

photograph Acorn Weevil
Acorn Weevil Curculio glandium

The Acorn Weevil may infest some 50% of all acorns. more...

photograph Bird-Cherry Weevil
Bird-Cherry Weevil Furcipus rectirostris

The Bird-Cherry Weevil lives inside the stones of various cherry species, including cultivated ones. more...

photograph Tapeinotus sellatus
Tapeinotus sellatus

Tapeinotus sellatus is a beautiful, but very small weevil. more...

photograph Mecinus pyraster
Mecinus pyraster

Mecinus pyraster is found on Plantain only. more...

photograph Iris Seed Weevil
Iris Seed Weevil Mononychus punctum-album

The Iris Seed Weevil is interested in the Yellow Iris. more...

photograph Clover Seed Weevil
Clover Seed Weevil Tychius picirostris

The Clover Seed Weevil is interested in White Clover. more...

photograph Clover Stem Weevil
Clover Stem Weevil Ischnopterapion virens

The Clover Stem Weevil is very small and has bulging eyes like all its relatives. more...

photograph Clover Weevil
Clover Weevil Sitona hispidulus

Most probably this is the Clover Weevil, but we are not absolutely sure. more...

photograph Sitona species
Sitona species

This is one of the 17 nephews of the Clover Weevil. But which one is it? more...

photograph Silver-green leaf weevil
Silver-green leaf weevil Phyllobius argentatus

The Silver-green leaf weevil is just one of the many green weevils and often not green at all. more...

photograph Green Leaf Weevil
Green Leaf Weevil Phyllobius maculicornis

The Green Leaf Weevil looks like the Silver-green Leaf Weevil above very much indeed. more...

photograph Pale Green Leaf Weevil
Green Immigrant Leaf Beetle Polydrusus formosus

The Green Immigrant Leaf Beetle is bright green when fresh, but the colour soon fades into greenish blue. more...

photograph Polydrusus cervinus
Polydrusus cervinus

Polydrusus cervinus is brown, not green and easily identified. more...

photograph Nut-leaf Weevil
Nut-leaf Weevil Strophosoma melanogrammum

The Nut-leaf Weevil often soon looses part of its brown powder. more...

photograph Strophosoma capitatum
Strophosoma capitatum Strophosoma capitatum

Strophosoma capitatum is more greyish and stained than brown. more...

photograph Pine Weevil
Pine Weevil Hylobius abietis

Measuring up to 15 mm the Pine Weevil is a very big snout beetle indeed. more...

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